What Are the Ewave Microwave Parts?

A list of Ewave microwave parts includes the grease filter, glass tray, light assembly, handle, turntable motor, glass tray support and vent grille. Other Ewave microwave parts include the waveguide cover, lightbulb, mounting bracket, hardware kit and charcoal filter. The electronic parts used by an Ewave include the glass tray drive coupling, control board, microswitch, thermoprotector, turntable motor, magnetron, touch pad control panel and noise filter.

As of 2014, most replacement parts for the Ewave microwave cost between $3 and $40, although electronic parts such as the main control board cost more, often between $60 and $80. Most parts can be purchased online or in hardware stores. Because the Ewave is complex and contains numerous parts, it may be necessary to hire a repair person to fix a broken microwave.

Microwave ovens have been used as household appliances since the late 1970s. They work by passing microwave radiation through the water molecules present in food. As of 2014, the non-ionized microwave radiation used in microwave ovens is not known to be dangerous to human health, and the same is true for consumption of foods heated with microwave radiation. Microwave radiation is also used in broadcasting and telecommunication, radio astronomy, satellite communication, and navigation.