What Evergreen Shrubs Are Best for Full Sun Exposure?


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Evergreen shrubs that are best for full sun exposure are boxwood, evergreen holly and Andromeda. The Japanese Andromeda thrives in soil that is moist, acid and well-drained. It has deep green, leathery leaves which are bronze green when new. It bears clusters of drooping white flowers in spring.

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The Japanese Andromeda grows from four to eight feet tall. Its one drawback is that it is poisonous.

Boxwood, or buxus, is famous as a foundation and hedge shrub. Because it can tolerate severe pruning, it has been used for centuries in topiary gardens, bonsai and parterres. It prefers well-drained soil. Its leaves are round, leathery and deep green, although there are variegated forms. Left untrimmed, boxwood grows to between eight and 20 feet tall and to 15 feet wide. Propagated from cuttings, boxwood is both deer resistant and fragrant.

Like boxwood, holly has served for many years as a hedge plant and is often used as a privacy screen. Hollies are diverse and hardy and can be grown in each of the 50 United States. They also have different sexes on different plants, and to make it easier for gardeners to tell the difference come with names like Blue Prince and Blue Princess. Hollies prefer acidic soil and are easy to care for.

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