What Is a Euro Top Mattress?


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A Euro top mattress features an extra layer of cushioning at the surface for enhanced sleep comfort. The top layer is thick but soft for added support and weight distribution.

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The Euro top mattress is similar to the pillow top variety because of the added cushioning, but features more layers than the pillow top. The Euro top's layers are incorporated into the mattress rather than sewn into the top. Euro top mattresses contain fiber, foam or a blend of both. Compared to the firmness of pillow tops, Euro tops have a soft, cushy feel and leave fewer imprints of the sleeper's body. However, the edges of Euro tops are firmer than pillow tops. Euro tops are well-suited for sleeping on the stomach, whereas pillow tops suit those who sleep on their backs and sides.

A Euro top mattress benefits those in need of orthopedic support. People who experience trouble sleeping often find relief with Euro tops, and physicians recommend Euro tops as a solution to back pain. Hybrid mattresses that combine the pillow top with the Euro style are ideal for those who prefer a plush mattress with less firmness. The hybrid offers a solution to couples with different mattress preferences.

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