How Does the Euro-Pro Steam Cleaner Work?


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Euro-Pro steam cleaners, such as the Shark, use special steam cleaning formulas as well as the steam itself to sanitize the surfaces they are used on. Most steam cleaners utilize this method, known as hot water extraction, to remove contaminants from carpets or other flooring types.

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The Euro-Pro Shark only produces steam when set to the steam mode, where this function generates steam within the steam cleaner itself. The device sprays its special formula that helps to dissolve the dirt that gets knocked loose by the steam. The mop then sweeps up the dirt and traps it, leaving the surface sanitized. The temperature and formula combination kill bacteria very effectively and better than traditional mops are built to do.

When a Euro-Pro steam cleaner is used on a carpet, the process is called hot water extraction. Special tools are used to loosen dirt and other debris trapped within the carpet, allowing other tools to suck up these contaminants and leave the carpet cleaner than it was before. Special steam cleaning tools are made for cleaning carpets, and steam cleaning professionals perform this job very effectively, sometimes as part of a wider selection of floor care services that they have available.

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