What Is Euonymus Moonshadow?


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Euonymus fortunei Moonshadow, also known as moonshadow wintercreeper, is a compact evergreen shrub with variegated leaves. This euonymus variety thrives in zones 4 through 9, grows to a height of 3 feet and spreads to 5 feet.

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The glossy, oval leaves of the plant are dark green with a stroke of yellow. On new leaves, this yellow is a stronger gold color, but it gradually fades to a creamy yellow as the leaf ages. The leaves take on a pinkish tinge in the winter.

Euonymus fortunei Moonshadow can grow as a low hedge, a climber or a ground cover, and it can be pruned at any time to improve its health or shape. It is suitable for planting in full sun or partial shade.

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