How Do You Get Estimates for Putting Asphalt on a Driveway?


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Tips for getting estimates for an asphalt driveway include contacting at least three contractors, asking for a detailed estimate and asking questions. Personal recommendations, construction industry groups and contractors used for previous home improvement projects are potential sources for finding asphalt contractors.

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Before getting estimates, the homeowner needs a list of potential contractors. Calling those contractors to ask a few basic questions may eliminate some of the companies. A contractor may be eliminated from the list because he is booked for months or only accepts larger asphalt jobs.

The contractors who make the final list create a detailed estimate for the job. Looking at the specifics of the cost, such as materials and labor, allows for an even comparison of the contractors. It also helps create a list of questions to find out additional information, such as exactly what the contractor does and what type of warranty the work includes.

Another way to compare the bids and contractors is to ask for references from previous clients. Checking out a driveway from each contractor allows the customer to see for himself what type of work the company does. Any areas of concern or remaining questions should be addressed before making the final asphalt contractor selection. Having a contract signed by the company and the person hiring the contractor is the next step.

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