How Do You Get a Free Estimate for Plumbing Services?


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To get a free estimate for plumbing services, start by asking a local plumbing contractor for an estimate over the phone. Many companies are willing to provide this information for basic services such as clearing a shower drain or replacing a plumbing fixture.

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Other plumbing companies offer free estimates after looking at the problem first hand. Not all contractors offer free estimates, so it may take contacting a few plumbing contractors before finding one that provides this option. To find a plumbing contractor who gives free estimates, start by asking for referrals from friends or neighbors. They often have the inside track to reputable contractors that also provide free or low-cost estimates.

When asking for a home estimate, find out the details before receiving it. Some companies have a catch when giving free estimates and only provide it if the homeowner agrees to hire them for the plumbing services. If they are not hired in this instance, they might charge a fee for the estimate.

Another good option is looking into the average costs for common plumbing services. This helps homeowners do their own type of estimate before contacting a professional. Plumbers typically charge an hourly rate, which varies by the region. It can be as little as $50 an hour or as much as $150 an hour or more. There are also some common costs for services such as replacing a sewer line, unclogging a shower drain or installing a new bathroom fixture.

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