How Do You Estimate the Costs to Redo a Kitchen?

How Do You Estimate the Costs to Redo a Kitchen?

Estimating the costs to redo a kitchen involves determining what changes need to be made, researching prices for the new equipment or fixtures to be installed, getting quotes from contractors to do the remodeling and considering additional expenses, suggests HGTV. The size of the remodeling project and the kitchen itself are major factors in how much the cost will be, suggests HomeAdvisor.

When estimating how much a kitchen remodel will cost, consider the following.

  1. Determine what is to be changed
  2. Make a list of what needs to be replaced or added in the kitchen. For example, this might include putting in new cabinets, appliances or fixtures, as well as replacing the windows or painting the area.

  3. Research prices for individual items and materials

    Take the list of changes and research hardware websites, window companies or other companies that sell the items to explore what is available and how much the prices are. After finding the items desired, make a list of the prices and add them all up to estimate the total cost of supplies and materials.

  4. Get quotes from contractors
  5. Research local contractors and provide them with details on what will be installed or redone. Compare the quotes to find the lowest cost options. Labor costs can take up to 35 percent of the total cost of a kitchen remodel, mentions HGTV.

  6. Consider financing and other expenses
  7. Consider interest charges if financing will be used, as well as costs associated with not being able to use the kitchen during the remodeling process. For example, individuals who plan to leave their homes or eat out for meals should consider these costs.

  8. Estimate the final amount
  9. Add up the costs of supplies and materials, contractor fees and additional expenses to get an estimate of the kitchen remodel.