How Do You Estimate the Cost Per Square Foot to Build a New House?


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By using a site such as Building-Cost.net, homebuilders can quickly calculate an estimate per square foot for almost any home. Simply visit the site and enter the requested information to come up with an accurate estimate.

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Building-Cost.net allows users to enter information such as the number of corners the home will have, the type of heating and cooling system that is desired and the area in which the house will be located. The site uses this information to calculate building costs.

  1. Visit the site
  2. Visit the website and click "Start Calculator," which is located at the top of the screen.

  3. Enter the number of corners
  4. Enter the number of corners the house will have. Choose from four, six, eight, 10 or more. Click "Next Question" when finished.

  5. Enter the total living area
  6. Enter the total living area of the house by calculating the total space within the exterior walls. Click "Next Question" to continue.

  7. Choose the quality class of the home's components
  8. Select the quality class of things like exterior walls, bathrooms and floor finishes. Use the guide at the top of the page to make accurate assessments of each component. Click "Next Question" when finished.

  9. Add in additional structures
  10. Add any additional structures such as a shed or garage. Click "Next Question."

  11. Choose the heating and cooling
  12. Find the appropriate heating and cooling system that will be used in the home. Click "Next Question."

  13. Choose the area
  14. Choose the location of the home. Click "Review" to continue.

On the next screen, review the building costs.

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