How Do You Estimate the Cost of Painting a Room?


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To estimate the cost of painting a room, first determine the approximate rate per square foot. Many painters charge by the actual size of the room. Also consider extras such as painting the ceiling or molding in the room.

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Several factors need to be considered when estimating the cost of painting a room, including the painting contractor’s price, the size of the room or number of rooms, and extra features that add to the overall time spent on painting. Rooms that require painting a ceiling, goes around molding and trim, or with extra-high walls, tend to cost more. As of 2015, the average cost per room can be between $380 to $790 depending on the size of the room.

Some painting contractors price based on the type of room and don’t go by square feet. Contact local painting contractors to ask about their prices and how they charge. Some contractors might have basic prices for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and basements. The type of paint and quality of that paint can also determine the cost of painting. High-quality brands or custom-made paint colors naturally cost more than standard interior paint.

For people who plan to paint their own home, estimating the paint job includes calculating the price of the paint, as well as supplies such as drop cloths, rollers, primer, brushes and paint stirring sticks. For a moderate-size home, the supplies cost a few hundred dollars, not including the paint.

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