How Do You Estimate the Construction Costs Associated With Bricks?


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Estimate the construction costs associated with bricks by calculating what a bricklayer would charge for the size and scope of the project. Use a calculator such as the one provided by HomeWyse.com to determine the cost of bricklaying work based on the quantity of bricks used, the area covered and a local hourly rate for masonry projects.

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HomeWyse.com uses a masonry calculation tool to ascertain the cost of bricklaying projects per square foot using four major costs associated with bricklaying projects. These costs include the cost of masonry bricks, labor needed to plan, prepare and place the bricks, secondary supplies and materials necessary to perform the job and an allowance for masonry saws, mortar boxes and other equipment needed. To use this calculator, input the ZIP code where the work is scheduled to take place, specify the size of the project and update the calculator's figures to represent a rough estimate of the project.

HomeWyse.com's calculator represents the estimated cost of masonry and brick work without including the cost of removing or modifying existing structures. A certified masonry contractor may charge more for the service; the website estimates that such a contractor may assess a markup of between 15 and 23 percent for bricklaying projects.

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