What Are Some Essential Pieces of Mobile Home Setup Equipment?


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Essential pieces of mobile home setup equipment include tie-downs and anchors. This equipment is essential when setting up a home to keep it in place during heavy winds. Mobile homes are more lightweight than traditional homes and are built on frames rather than foundations. Long, flat walls make them prone to tipping during heavy winds, and air currents can gather around roofs to create lift and slide the home from its base.

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Tie-downs resemble large straps that keep the home in place by attaching to anchors secured into the ground. The number and type of tie downs depends on the size and age of the home. Early mobile homes used exposed over-the-roof tie-downs that were visually unappealing. Manufacturers replaced these with concealed versions that were hidden behind siding and under the roof. Newer homes use frame tie-downs that attach to rails in the steel frame of the home’s walls.

Anchors are long spikes driven into the ground to secure tie-downs. The anchor may be designed for the particular type of ground in which it is used. Anchors may be driven into ground classified as silty and hard forms of sand, gravel, clay, and rock or solid concrete. Auger anchors can be used in heavy and light soil and are screwed into the ground rather than driven. Rock anchors and drive anchors secure tie-downs to solid rock and coral beds. Crossed steel stakes secure these anchors to the ground for added security.

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