What Are the Essential Parts in Installing a Sliding Shower Door?


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Essential parts of a sliding shower door include tempered glass, tracks and door handles. Door guides, sweeps, seals and door rollers are other essential shower door parts, according to AllAboutDoors.com. Tools required to install a sliding shower door include a level, tape measure, drill, screwdriver and caulking gun with caulk. A drill with masonry bit, hacksaw and plastic mallet are also required for shower door installation.

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Installing a sliding shower door is a fairly simple task that takes approximately two to four hours. Frameless glass doors are more difficult to install than framed shower doors. A typical homeowner with basic skills and tools can install a framed shower door in an afternoon, according to This Old House.

Glass shower doors may slide in metal or vinyl tracks or pivot on hinges. Sliding glass shower doors are known in the interior design industry as bypass doors. Bypass shower doors and bi-fold doors are appropriate for smaller bathrooms where space is an issue. Bi-fold shower doors work with both bathtubs and shower stalls.

Some shower doors marketed as "frameless" may actually have some metal framing around the sides and top. Frameless shower doors may cost twice as much as standard framed shower doors.

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