What Are Some Essential Kitchen Tools?


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Essential tools for every kitchen, from one receiving moderate use to the one always in service, include the wooden spoon, a strainer, kitchen shears, measuring cups and spoons, and a set of good knives. These five tools, most of which are multipurpose, are used almost every day in most kitchens.

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The wooden spoon is an excellent choice for stirring anything from cake batter to vegetables simmering on the stove. Because wood does not conduct heat, a wooden spoon is a safety-conscious choice for use on the stove, preventing burns suffered from touching a hot handle. Wooden spoons are also safe to use with non-stick cookware since they won't scratch the surface.

Strainers are useful for draining pasta and for rinsing foods, such as vegetables and berries. The juice from canned vegetables can also be drained away using a strainer. A mesh strainer accomplishes all these tasks plus doubles as a sifter.

Kitchen shears have multiple uses in the kitchen. They can be used to open packages, slice pizza or cut flower stems.

Measuring cups are absolutely necessary for the success of most recipes. Even when using packaged mixes, exact amounts of water, milk or oil are often specified. Choose from sets of cups in varying sizes or 1- or 2-cup measuring cups marked with different measurements. A set of measuring spoons is necessary for almost every baking project.

Every cook needs a set of good knives. A chef's knife is used to slice, dice and chop. A paring knife comes in handy for small tasks, and a serrated bread knife effectively slices bread with ease.

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