What Are Some Essential Furniture Pieces for Kitchens?


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Pieces of furniture that are essential for most kitchens include counters for food preparation and for countertop appliances, base or wall cabinets and drawers for storage, and a sink. If the kitchen is used for cooking and eating, a table or bar with chairs or stools is necessary.

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What Are Some Essential Furniture Pieces for Kitchens?
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The first things to take into consideration when setting up a kitchen are the major appliances. Assuming the basic function of a kitchen is to facilitate cooking, a refrigerator, oven and stove top are essential. A dishwasher and a microwave are also part of many modern kitchens. These appliances can be quite bulky, so a kitchen should be planned around them.

When considering the room left after the placement of major appliances, it is important to think about how the kitchen is used. This determines the furniture needed for making the best use of the space. For instance, a kitchen for someone who cooks a lot or who shares cooking chores with another person would benefit from more counter space or a kitchen island, as well as from having a floor plan based on workstations.

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