What Are Some Error Codes for a Whirlpool Range?


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Some error codes for a Whirlpool range include F1-E0, F2-E0, F3-E0 and F5-E0. The F1 error code refers to a defective oven control system. Owners troubleshoot this error by turning off the range's power for 30 seconds; if the error code appears again, oven control system replacement is required.

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The F2 error code appears when the wire harness connected to the keypad dislodges or disconnects. Troubleshooting this code requires turning off the power to the range and checking that the wire harness remains firmly attached to the keypad console. Owners then turn the range's power back on, and press the cancel button on the keypad. If the F2 error reappears after 60 seconds, then the keypad requires replacement.

The F3 error code displays when the cancel key on the keypad is no longer functioning. Owners troubleshoot the cancel key using the same process as for the F2 error code. If after 60 seconds the error appears again, replacement of the keypad is required. If the problem persists, replacement of the oven control system is necessary.

The F5 error code signals that the range's door lock is communicating oven door closure, even though it is open. Oftentimes a malfunction in the oven door lock, oven door switch, or the wire harness and keypad assembly causes this problem.

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