What Are the Error Codes for a Whirlpool Cabrio?


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Error codes for a Whirlpool Cabrio help identify problems with the washer's function. When users know the error codes, they may be able to troubleshoot many issues themselves rather than calling in service technicians. Depending upon the specific Cabrio model, the error appears as a digital display or blinking lights.

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One error code that users are able to address independently is "F0 E2." This means that the washing machine is producing too many suds. Using only high-efficiency detergent or reducing the amount of HE detergent may resolve this issue. The "F0 E5" code indicates the load is unbalanced. Redistributing the laundry inside the spin basket usually solves this problem.

Sometimes, however, error codes signify complications that most users are unable to correct. For instance, "F3 E2" signals a complication with the inlet water temperature. To investigate the cause, a technician must open the console, check the wiring and determine if the temperature sensor is defective. If so, the inlet valve assembly wiring harness needs replacing.

Another potentially serious error code is "F7 E6," which reveals a motor fault. In response, the technician first checks the wiring connections. If they are functioning satisfactorily, then the next step is replacing the drive motor.

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