What Do Error Codes Mean on a GE Washer?

Error codes generally indicate when GE washing machines have some defect that prevents normal operation, such as motor failure, improper draining and temperature sensor malfunction. A complete list of codes is available on the Sears Parts Direct website.

Top-loading GE washers use between one and nine light flashes to indicate errors. One flash denotes a drive motor failure, which requires replacement of the drive motor on an unpowered unit. With four flashes of an error code indicator, the machine signals a mode shifter circuit failure. Possible failures include a loose wire or disconnection between the inverter control and mode shifter assembly or a defective mode shifter. The former issue requires only reconnection, while the latter necessitates a complete drive shaft replacement, as the mode shifter is an integral part of the unit that is not sold separately.

With front-loading GE washing machines, errors codes use the format of "E" and a two-digit number, ranging from E22 through E71. Error message E30, for example, denotes that the appliance can't drain properly. This is often caused by excessively sudsy water or a clog in the drain pump. The latter issue requires replacement of the drain pump as a repair. Another common error code is E49, used to indicate when the drive motor is overloaded. This is often caused by overloading the washer, trapped foreign objects between the spin basket and outer tub, or a loose wire or defect in the drive motor itself.