How Do You Eradicate Moles?


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The most effective method for eradicating moles is trapping them with either live or kill traps. However, there are also different repellents and poisons that may also help to drive away or eliminate the moles.

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Many mole-repellent products contain castor bean oil, which has shown to be at least somewhat effective in driving away moles. There are also vibration and sound devices that are meant to scare the moles away, but these are typically fairly ineffective or provide inconsistent results. Some people also set off smoke bombs inside the mole tunnels or flood them with water, both of which can work in some cases. Fumigating the tunnels with a pesticide may also work, but this needs to be done by a licensed professional. However, there are also many commercially available mole pesticides and poison baits that may be viable for mole removal.

There are six species of moles found in North America, three of which are known to invade people's lawns and gardens. Of these species, the star-nosed mole is usually the hardest to control, as this species tends to tunnel deeper under the surface than other species. However, the star-nosed mole also causes less damage to lawns, as only its holes are visible on the surface.

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