What Equipment Is Needed for Small-Scale Logging?

What Equipment Is Needed for Small-Scale Logging?

Equipment needed for small-scale logging includes an ATV or tractor, chainsaws, protective gear, log-skidding arches and winches. A portable saw mill for processing gathered lumber is also helpful, but not required.

An ATV or tractor is crucial for moving fallen timber. However, understanding the machinery's limitations is necessary for safe logging. An ATV pulling more than its weight is likely to flip, and serious injury can result from the lack of rollover protection. Norwood Saw Mills recommends weighing down the front end of both an ATV and tractor and using liquid-filled wheels and four-wheel drive.

Chainsaws are necessary for removing trees. Appropriate safety precautions, including protective gear such as helmets, chaps and steel-toed boots, are required to avoid injury. Training on how to properly use a chainsaw is also important.

Log-skidding arches lift logs off the ground during hauling. They make the load appear lighter and can help extend the life of the ATV or tractor used for hauling.

Winches help move logs from the area without making an impact on the surrounding environment. They can haul logs up to 30 inches in diameter and are especially useful when bringing logs out of ravines where ATVs and tractors cannot safely travel.

Portable saw mills are useful for individuals who want to mill lumber on their own. They are fully customizable and come in both manual and hydraulic versions. They are also available in a stationary model.