What Equipment Do You Need to Sweep a Chimney?


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Equipment required to sweep a chimney depends upon the cleaning method and may include a chimney brush, brush rods, pull rings, a fireplace cover and a flashlight. A ladder, a broom, and dust masks or goggles are handy as well. Ways to clean a chimney include top-down, bottom-up, weight and dual line methods.

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To clean with the top-down rod method, first close the opening of the fireplace to trap debris. Climb on the roof, place the chimney brush into the opening of the chimney, and lower and raise it against the chimney walls to clean off debris and suit. Add flexible metal rods as you advance toward the bottom. To perform the bottom-up rod method, cover furniture and the floor with a tarp and drop cloth, then work up the inside walls of the chimney with a chimney brush. The weight method is similar to the top-down method; however, you use pull rings, a rope and weights of at least 20 pounds in place of flexible metal rods.

For the dual line method, fix a rope and pull rings on the terminals of the brush. Climb to the roof and drop the brush into the chimney while holding one end of the terminal. Have a friend to hold the other end of the rope. Pull the rope up the chimney walls and, in turn, the friend pulls it downward.

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