What Equipment Do You Need to Sharpen Scissors?


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Tools to sharpen scissors include a screwdriver to separate the scissors into two pieces at the pivot point and a sharpening stone, available at most hardware stores. Also needed are honing oil or water to lubricate the stone and a towel to hold the stone while the blades are sharpened.

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Once the scissor blades are separated, sharpen each blade by placing it onto the sharpening stone with the beveled edge facing you. Next, tilt the blade toward you while gripping the handle, until the beveled edge is flat on the stone. Keeping the beveled edge flat against the stone, pull the blade across the stone toward you, repeating the procedure until the blade is sharp. To help determine sharpness, mark across the blade edge with a permanent marker. The entire blade is sharpened when there is no longer any marker showing on the blade. Reassemble the scissor blades, and make several cuts on paper or fabric to remove any remaining burrs along the blade edges.

For easier sharpening, fold aluminum foil to create several layers, and cut several times through the layers. Fold sandpaper in half, with the sandpaper side upwards. Cut strips in it until the scissors are sharpened.

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