What Equipment Do You Need to Remove Bats From a Building?


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Equipment used to remove bats from a building includes ultrasonic bat repellent devices and bat excluders. Chemical deterrents are not advisable, as they can cause collateral damage to pets and humans. Furthermore, killing bats is against the law in most states. It is best to hire a certified bat removal professional when dealing with a large number of bats.

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What Equipment Do You Need to Remove Bats From a Building?
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Ultrasonic bat repellent devices have mixed reviews in terms of their success rate. Studies suggest that bats eventually become immune to the high-frequency sounds. However, there are ultrasonic bat repellent device manufacturers, such as Bat Blaster LLC, that state although their devices may not drive away bats that are roosting in walls or under the eves of a house, the devices do repel bats that are roosting in an open attic.

Bat excluders are widely considered to be the most effective and humane form of removing bats from a building. There are many different excluder models; however, they all function the same way in that they allow bats to exit the building but not enter. Owners should first observe and note all the points that the bats are using to enter and exit the building. Once these points are determined, the excluders should be installed over the access points. Once all the bats have been excluded from the house, remove the excluders, and seal up the opening.

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