In Which Environments Does the Yellow Coneflower Thrive?


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Yellow coneflowers prefer full sun and well-drained soils, according to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Most are drought tolerant once established. Yellow coneflower is a common name for wildflowers from the genera Echinacea, Dracopis, Ratibida and Rudbeckia.

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The most widely distributed yellow coneflower is Rudbeckia hirta, also known as black-eyed Susan. This hardy plant is native to the grasslands of North America from western Massachusetts to Manitoba and south into Florida and New Mexico. It is widely naturalized elsewhere, and it is a popular garden plant with many cultivars.

Native Americans historically use it to treat worms, colds, sores, snakebite, swelling and earaches. Its modern uses are as an ornamental, a reseeding plant for wildflower meadows and a forage plant for bees and butterflies.

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