What Is an Enviro Heater?

What Is an Enviro Heater?

Sherwood Industries manufactures fireplaces, inserts and stoves under the Enviro brand of home heating products. As of March 2015, Sherwood Industries offers heating options powered by wood, gas and pellets.

Wood-based heating options under the Enviro brand include stoves and inserts. An insert is a self-contained heating unit that is placed inside an existing fireplace. Inserts are designed to be more efficient as they do not lose energy through the chimney.

Enviro heating options that are gas-fueled include stoves, inserts and fireplaces. The only fireplaces offered through the Enviro brand are powered by gas. Fireplaces powered by gas do not require a chimney.

Pellet-fueled heating options include stoves and inserts. Pellets are made from recycled sawdust and wood shavings, thus eliminating the need to chop or purchase wood logs. Pellet stoves are more ecologically friendly than traditional wood stoves as they create fewer pollutants during the burning process.

Enviro brand heating products come in a variety of styles and sizes. Each product listed on the website includes an energy efficiency rating and an estimation of the amount of space the product can heat. The website also includes a link to help potential customers find a dealer. Enviro brand products are distributed in both the United States and Canada.