What Are Some Entryway Flooring Ideas?


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Rugs, painted floors and non-slip carpet tiles are generally considered aesthetically pleasing, durable entryway flooring ideas. Ceramic tile, marble floors and wood floors with under-floor heaters are also popular entryway flooring ideas.

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Strategically placed rugs soften entryway spaces and help to define the borders of the room. Entryway rugs must be flat to ensure that the door does not open and close on the rug, causing falls or uneven wear. Antique rugs are oftentimes used in entryways due to the high durability and generally exceptional quality of the rugs. However, cheaper rugs, such as jute or seagrass, are less expensive than antique rugs and easy to replace when worn.

Painted floors must be sealed with acrylic topcoats to ensure even, steady wear. These types of entryway flooring ideas can be embellished with multiple paint colors and stencilled or drawn designs or patterns. Non-slip carpet tiles can also be arranged to create any desired pattern or design. The tiles are also easy to replace and do not damage the floor underneath.

Complete entryway flooring renovations are elevated with under-floor heaters that are installed under most types of floors, including ceramic, marble and wood floors. The heat helps to keep heavily trafficked entryways drier during storms.

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