What Is Enoch Wedgewood (Tunstall) Ltd.?

Enoch Wedgwood (Tunstall) Ltd. was an English company that produced earthenware from 1965 to 1980. It is known for its unicorn marking and the date marks, “Est. 1835” or “Founded in 1835.”

Enoch Wedgwood (Tunsall) Ltd. was originally called Podmore Walker & Co. Enoch Wedgwood was part of the company. It was formed in 1835, hence the date markings. After that, from 1860 to 1965, the company was called "Wedgwood & Co." and operated by Enoch Wedgwood and his younger brother, Jabez. In 1900, it became a limited company with the Wedgwood family no longer in control. In 1980, the company was taken over by the Josiah Wedgwood Group.