How Do You Engrave Stone?


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To engrave stone, find a high-quality power engraving tool, select a stone, place a strip of leather tightly over the stone, secure the stone with one hand and use your other hand to run the engraving tool over the leather-covered stone. Move the tool steadily until you complete your design.

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  1. Choose an engraving tool

    Engraving tools are available at most hardware stores. Choose one that's comfortable to hold and has a drill bit that's hard enough to cut through stone without bending or snapping. Power engraving tools that are designed to cut through diamonds are sturdy enough to cut through stone.

  2. Select a stone

    Stones can be found virtually anywhere. Beginners should select stones with flat, smooth surfaces, such as river rocks or decorative garden stones.

  3. Place a piece of leather over the stone

    Find an old strip of leather you don't need, and place it over the stone. The leather provides a firm grip as you hold the stone, which prevents it from moving around or slipping out of your hand as you engrave.

  4. Hold the stone firmly, and grab the engraving tool

    Grip the leather-covered stone firmly with one hand, and grab the engraving tool with your other hand. If the stone is too large to fit in your hand, place it on a sturdy surface, and hold it still as you prepare to engrave.

  5. Create your design

    Turn on your power engraving tool and place it on the lowest speed setting. Run your engraving tool over the leather and through the surface of the stone to create your design. Increase the speed of the tool as you get more comfortable. When finished, remove the leather to view your work.

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