How Do You Engrave Metal With a Dremel Engraving Tool?

Engrave metal using a Dremel tool by selecting the correct bit for the job. Standard bits work on aluminium, copper and thin steel, while a diamond tipped bit is required for thick steel and brass. Use a graphite pencil to sketch out the engraving, and then use an engraving bit at a low speed to create a shallow groove engraving. Trace the bit over the pencil lines several times, building up speed and engraving slightly more metal with each pass.

When the engraving is deep enough, slowly clean up the edges. Different Dremel bits produce different textures, depending on the metals they are engraving and the amount of pressure placed on them. It is good to practice on scrap pieces of various metals to get a feel for the Dremel tool before undertaking any major engraving projects. To ensure a controlled line, hold the Dremel tool like a pencil in one hand. This grip keeps the tool steady and lets you work on fine details.

If you do not have a graphite pencil, draw the design onto the metal with a permanent marker, and then clean it off with nail polish remover. For text projects, try printing text out from a computer and cutting the letters out to make a stencil.