What Is Engineered Wood?


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Engineered wood is man-made wood that is made from a variety of wood products combined together with adhesives. Engineered wood is used to make furniture. It is also a popular flooring product because it resembles a hardwood floor but doesn't cost nearly as much.

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Engineered wood is manufactured by combining strands, particles, veneers, boards or fibers of wood together to create a natural style that is durable and easy to install. It can be made of one type of wood or a combination of woods, such as hickory, bamboo, oak and maple. When used as flooring, engineered wood can be glued or nailed. Engineered wood flooring is often pre-finished, so it doesn’t need sanding or sealing.

The benefits of using engineered wood, especially for floors, are that when compared to hardwood floors they are lower in price, have a higher resistance to moisture levels, and have a good resale value. The ease of installation, especially when glued over concrete slabs or nailed onto wood subfloors, is also another benefit.

Engineered wood products typically feature a more rugged style because the top surface area is sliced to reveal a natural look prior to sanding and staining. When used for flooring, engineered wood is often thicker than standard solid wood floors.

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