How Energy Efficient Are Gibson Gas Furnaces for Home Heating?


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Gibson offers a range of gas furnaces with annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings of 80 to 95.1 percent. Fixed-speed furnaces are available in single- and two-stage models.

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The annual fuel utilization efficiency rating is an indication of how efficiently a furnace converts its fuel supply to heat. For example, an 80 percent model can extract 80 percent of the available heat, while losing 20 percent. Gibson has 80 percent furnaces in single-stage and two-stage models. A single-stage furnace has one operating mode. When heat is needed, the furnace runs at full power.

A two-stage model has an additional setting that is less than full power. This allows the furnace to run at a lower temperature for a longer period of time and avoid large temperature swings. Two-stage furnaces are also quieter, and due to the increased running time, they do a better job of filtering the air. Gibson has two-stage models with efficiency ratings of 92.1 percent and 95 percent. The highest efficiency rating that Gibson offers is a two-stage furnace with a 95.1 annual fuel utilization efficiency rating.

Gibson furnaces are single-speed, which means the blower runs at a single, constant speed, and available through a nationwide network of independent distributors and contractors.

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