How Energy Efficient Is a GemTech Thermostat?


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Some GemTech thermostat models are programmable and highly energy efficient as they have the Smart Temperature settings that enable users to regulate temperatures automatically according to schedules and seasons for seven days. The Gemtech GT 7000 and 7020 series are Energy Star rated.

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Programmable GemTech thermostats grant users the flexibility to use energy for heating or cooling only when required. For example, when users are away, the GemTech thermostat saves consumers money by keeping the temperature constant or turning the cooling and heating off reducing electric bills by a huge margin.

The GemTech digital thermostats allow better control over energy consumption since they are more convenient and accurate in regulating temperatures. These programmable thermostats have the energy star rating and meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the government. They are compatible with most 24-volt gas, oil or electric heating and air conditioning systems.

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