How Energy Efficient Are Front-Loading Washers and Dryers?


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Most front-loading washing machines meet Energy Star standards, meaning they are 11 to 30 percent more energy-efficient than older top-loading models. The level of efficiency depends on the model. Most dryers are front-loaders, but models meeting Energy Star standards use 20 percent less energy than conventional models.

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How Energy Efficient Are Front-Loading Washers and Dryers?
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Front-loading laundry appliances have several advantages over top-loaders. They can be stacked to save space. Front-loading washers can cut water use by two-thirds and are easier on clothes because they tumble clothing rather than using an agitator. The disadvantages of these machines are that they are more expensive to buy, are more expensive to repair and require using low-sudsing detergent formulas. Also, front-loading washers lock while in use to prevent overflows, meaning that clothing cannot be added once the cycle has started.

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