Which Is the Most Energy-Efficient Air Purifier?


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The Blueair ECO10 Energy-Star HEPASilent Air Purifier consistently ranks among consumers and the Environmental Protection Agency as the most energy-efficient air purifier. The unit filters 99.97 percent of particles in rooms up to 220 square feet while using 95 percent less energy than other air cleaners in its class.

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In general, Energy Star-rated air purifiers are 40 percent more energy-efficient than standard models, according to the EPA, which administers the rating based on a number of tests and performance and feature factors. However, the Blueair model is more than twice as efficient, potentially saving consumers who buy it more than $50 per year on their utility bills, as of 2015.

The Allergy Buyers Club also lists the Blueair air cleaner as its top choice in energy-efficient units, claiming it draws no more electrical power than the average light bulb. The organization reports the model removes dust and pollen from indoor air just as well as less energy-efficient models, noting that this is important to allergy sufferers who often run their air cleaners 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For many of these people, an energy-efficient air cleaner pays for itself in power bill savings within a few years of purchase.

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