What Is the Energy Efficiency of Kerr Heat Pumps?


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Kerr-branded ductless mini-split heat pump systems can achieve a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of up to 23.5. Actual efficiency ratings vary depending on the model of heat pump and the installation type, with KVH-series models being the most efficient models in Kerr's product line-up as of 2015.

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While the smallest KVH-series Kerr heat pumps can achieve very high SEER efficiency ratings, most of Kerr's KFH multi-zone heat pump systems are rated at 16 SEER. The DVC-series ductless multi-split system is rated at only 15 SEER. This is mostly due to the larger cooling capacity of these heat pumps, which reduces their calculated efficiency as compared to the lower-capacity KVH-series systems.

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