What Is an Energy Certificate?


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An energy performance certificate is a list of statistics on how energy is used in a home or a business unit. The certificate contains suggestions on how home owners can reduce the amount spent on energy.

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The document was introduced in Wales in 2007 for domestic premises with four or more bedrooms, but with time, the requirement has been extended to smaller holdings. An energy performance certificate is usually required by law when constructing a house for sale or for rent. Landlords or homeowners need to contact accredited domestic energy assessors to conduct the assessment and produce the certificate. The assessors may be employed by a company either a real estate agent, energy company or self-employed.

Energy certificates carry ratings on energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. Two readings are usually given, one stating the level of efficiency the home is currently achieving and the other suggesting what level of efficiency the home could attain if energy-efficient measures were put in place. The energy certificate is conducted on a sliding scale providing summarized information about the energy efficiency of the home. The rating scale contains color coded and alphabets running from A to G. Letter A (dark green) indicates high efficiency while G (red) indicated low efficiency.

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