How Do You Enable and Disable Home Alarms?


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Most home alarms are enabled and disabled by punching a security personal identification number into the control panel. Some security companies have remote functions that allow manipulating the system by telephone or an online app. The specific methods for enabling and disabling home alarms vary between alarm systems and home security companies.

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Many alarm systems don't need a PIN to enable the system; the user need only press an enable or arming button and leave as quickly as possible to avoid accidentally triggering the alarm. Some alarm systems allow users to set different levels of security within the home so that the alarm triggers or beeps because of events such as windows and doors opening, glass breaking or motion within the house. To enable these features, the user usually finds the appropriate preset setting on the digital console and sets it to arm.

After entering an armed home, you generally have a limited amount of time to disable the system before it rings or alerts the home security company. The alarm may also ring if you enter the incorrect PIN too many times. Many times if the alarm is triggered, the home security company phones the house, sending security officers or alerting the authorities if the phone isn't answered or if the right code word isn't given.

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