What Emergency Numbers Should People Keep Handy Besides the Electric Company?


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In addition to the electric company's emergency number, people should also have the phone numbers for their water companies, alarm companies, gas companies and roadside assistance providers. Important medical phone numbers to have on hand are those of the closest emergency room, the dentist, the doctor and any applicable health insurance providers.

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What Emergency Numbers Should People Keep Handy Besides the Electric Company?
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Parents should keep a list of their children's schools' and caretakers' phone numbers in case of an emergency. They should also post a list of their emergency contact numbers, including cell phone and work numbers, near the phone for their children to use. Pet owners should keep a list of their pets' veterinarians' phone numbers, as well as the number for the nearest 24-hour emergency animal hospital.

People should make a list of local friends and family who could help in an emergency or who need notification in case of an emergency. Cell phone owners should program one primary emergency contact person under the acronym ICE, which stands for "in case of emergency." That way, an emergency responder knows who to call if the cell phone owner cannot speak for himself.

Smartphone users should consider programming additional emergency information, such as addresses, into their phones. They can also add their health insurance policy number in the notes field of their contact information. Smartphone users can program allergy and essential medical information into the notes field of each contact for use in an emergency.

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