How Do You Eliminate Unwanted Grass?


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There are many ways to eliminate grass. You may choose to use non-organic methods or organic methods to get rid of the grass. Non-organic methods involve the use of herbicides. You may choose to use selective herbicide, which is herbicide specifically formulated for grass removal, or non-selective herbicide, such as glyphosate.

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The organic methods of eliminating unwanted grass involve the use of newspaper, plastic or vinegar. You can get rid of unwanted grass by placing newspaper on the grass you want to get rid of. You may want to wet the grass first before placing the newspaper to prevent it from blowing away. Alternatively, you may wet the newspaper first and then place it on the grass.

Another safe way to get rid of unwanted grass is to place black plastic on the grass. Black plastic prevents light from reaching the grass, stifling grass roots and stopping new growth. Alternatively, you may pour extremely hot water on the grass. Boiling water burns the upper roots of the grass, impairing their ability to absorb nutrients.

Vinegar is another safe way to get rid of unwanted grass. You may pour it directly on the grass, or you may add it to boiling water to increase its effectiveness. To make a potent grass killer, mix vinegar and salt with boiling water. Salt is an effective herbicide that draws out all the moisture in a plant.

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