How Do You Eliminate Stink Bugs?

How Do You Eliminate Stink Bugs?

To eliminate stink bugs, vacuum them, clear debris from the yard, seal potential entry points, and deter them with unpleasant odors and closed curtains. For difficult infestations, hire a pest control specialist to spray a barrier of insecticides around the exterior of the home.

  1. Vacuum the bugs

    To avoid unpleasant odors, avoid squishing stink bugs. Vacuum them off the interior and exterior of the house, seal the vacuum bag in a plastic trash bag and discard of it outdoors, away from the home.

  2. Remove hiding places

    Stink bugs often live in log piles, old pieces of wood, and overgrown plants or weeds. Remove any clutter in the yard, and trim back plants.

  3. Seal points of entry

    Fix any broken window screens. Use caulk to fix any crevices or cracks in the walls. Make sure that all windows are completely shut, and that there are no cracks under the doors.

  4. Deter the pests

    Rub dryer sheets on any potential points of entry. The scent is unpleasant to stink bugs. Spray insect repellent around the borders of doors and windows. At night, close the curtains, and avoid using outdoor lighting when possible.

  5. Seek professional assistance

    For major infestations, contact a pest control specialist. The exterminator can use insecticides to prevent stink bugs. Avoid attempting to use chemical insecticides without proper training.