How Do You Eliminate Odors in Ice Cubes and Freezer Ice Makers?


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To eliminate odors from ice in trays or icemakers, discard all remaining ice, then refill them until the odor dissipates. Ice odors can be caused by several sources, including open containers in the freezer and new hardware.

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Ice cubes might also carry odors when they are left too long in a tray or bin.

  1. Empty bins and trays
  2. Empty all ice cube trays and bins into the kitchen sink. Refill the trays or wait until the built-in icemaker produces more ice.

  3. Cover all containers
  4. Cover all containers inside the freezer, such as soups and meats, so they don't impart odors to the ice.

  5. Check hardware and water supply
  6. Make sure the water filter (if applicable) does not need to be replaced. Eliminate all expired foods from the freezer and have the water supply tested for impurities. Placing a box of baking soda in the freezer sometimes helps absorb unpleasant odors.

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