How Do I Eliminate That Odor From My Laundry?


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Baking soda to is a great way to remove stains and odors from laundry even if they have lingered after multiple washings. Baking soda can remove odors from gasoline, baby spit up, smoking and strong food odors.

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The key to removing smoky smells is soaking is soaking the smoky item in a basin or sink filled with water and a half a cup of baking soda. This method can also work with fabric items that are smelly from sweat. Once the items are in the baking soda solution, stir the mixture while it soaks. For ground in stains and older odors, they suggest using a baking soda paste to treat the fabric before soaking it in water.

For gasoline or other types of mechanical odors, try to enclose the smelly items in a sealed bag along with baking soda is necessary. After removing the items from the bag, they can be treated with the above mentioned baking soda soak. However, these types of odors are often removed more effectively when the fabrics are hand washed, the website cautions.

Lastly, for removing those troubling baby spit up stains and vomit odors can be removed by rubbing baking soda directly onto the affected areas.

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