How Do You Eliminate Moles?

The most effective way of eliminating moles is to kill them with a trap, according to Better Homes and Gardens. More humane methods include live traps, tunnel barriers and scent deterrents, states Pest Kill.

There are traps available for use above and below the ground, notes Better Homes and Gardens. Traps may need to be moved around the yard daily until the pest is caught. Concealing an above ground trap with an inverted bucket to prevent tampering is also something to consider.

Another method is to create a barrier within the mole tunnel, states Better Homes and Gardens. Place a 24-inch metal or hardware cloth barrier at least 1 foot below the lawn surface and bend the bottom out at a 90-degree angle.

Because moles have limited eye site and do most of their activity at night, they rely heavily on their sense of smell. Humans can use this against them by shooing the moles away with smells they don't like, notes Pest Kill. For an effective deterrent, apply a mixture of 2 tablespoons of dish soap and a cup of castor oil added to a gallon of water monthly after it rains.

Controlling the lawn's moisture is also an effective way to deter moles as they prefer moist areas, advises Pest Kill. Consider improving soil drainage.