How Do You Eliminate Groundhogs?


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Some ways to eliminate groundhogs from a property include bringing a large dog on to the property, planting a line of garlic around any groundhog tunnel entrances and getting rid of any places where groundhogs might nest such as wood piles. A mesh wire fence that goes at least one foot underground and three feet high is another good groundhog deterrent and prevents them from tunnelling.

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The most effective method of eliminating groundhogs from a property are live and lethal cage traps. Regulations regarding trapping and releasing animals that are considered pests, such as groundhogs, vary depending on location and may leave only the choice of lethal traps available. Bait the traps with fresh vegetables, including broccoli, corn and lettuce, and fruits such as strawberries. When a live trap is used, release the captured groundhog miles away from the property to avoid a repeat of the original problem.

Do not attempt to dig out the groundhog's burrow or seal the groundhog in as this may provoke the groundhog to attack. Groundhogs are capable of delivering a powerful bite that may carry infectious diseases or viruses that cause serious health issues or death in humans. Consult with an animal control expert when attempting to rid a property of groundhogs if efforts to trap or deter the animal fail or for assistance with disposing or releasing the groundhog.

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