How Do You Eliminate Bats in Your Home?


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Ways to eliminate bats from the home include identifying and plugging entry points into the home and buying bat houses so that the bats settle there and not inside the house. Alternatively, use the services of an animal control professional.

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The most efficient way to get rid of multiple bats is to locate their entry point(s) into the house. Bats commonly use access points on the roof to enter the home, so a tall ladder may be necessary to examine the area. Signs of entry points are usually marked with dirty stains and/or bat droppings. As the bats can fit into extremely small spaces, the holes can be just .5 inches high and 1.5 inches wide. After identifying the holes, use caulk to plug most of the holes, but leave at least one unplugged so that bats already in the house can leave.

While contacting an animal control expert is expensive, it is also effective for bats that won't leave the home. Professionals typically install a Bat Conservation International-approved structure made out of steel. If a bat is captured alive in the home, it should be placed in a small box or bowl covered with paper to trap it. Then, the bat should be released outside.

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