How Do Electrolux Ovens Rate?


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Since the Swedish company Electrolux purchased GE in 2014, Consumer Reports magazine has given the brand's ovens, along with the rest of its appliances, high ratings. The magazine notes that following the purchase, Electrolux replaces Whirlpool as the United States' major appliance market leader, backing up the status with quality.

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Consumer Reports gives Electrolux high marks for its sophisticated, European styling, which features soft angles and industrial metals. It also highlights the brand's ovens for their precise controls, quick heating, even cooking and quality construction. The ovens are well suited for large or small kitchens and are as good for broiling as they are for baking, according to the magazine.

Readers submitting reviews to Consumer Reports indicated Electrolux ovens are ideal for families, with their quick-cooking induction feature and cooking drawers, which help when preparing larger meals. Others wrote that the ovens' controls were so precise that the electrical appliances rivaled gas for their accuracy and fine-tuning ability.

Electrolux took on GE's major distribution network, meaning it is able to deliver a new appliance, including an oven, to a customer's doorstep within 18 hours of having paid for it. Consumer Reports notes this is a major convenience for those who rely heavily on their ovens.

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