What Is Electrical Tape Used For?

Electrical tapes, also called insulating tapes, are commonly used for insulating electrical wires to prevent short circuits and electrocution, but ingenuity has led to other applications. According to Reference.com, it is applied by wrapping the tape along bare electrical wires in a coil-like fashion to keep moisture and condensation out. Its elasticity keeps the connection snug and tight, especially when wrapped several times around the joint.

Electrical tapes are made of either plastic or vinyl with specialized adhesive on the inner side of the roll. Of the two, vinyl is more popular because of its elasticity and insulating properties. It comes in different colors, but professional electricians prefer to use black because the color is resistant to ultraviolet radiation which shortens the life of vinyl electrical tapes.

Reference.com explains that because electrical tapes are stretchy and easily torn by hand, stagehands discovered that they are convenient for tying loose cables together and marking stage positions for actors. Some athletes use electrical tape to keep shin guards from slipping and musicians wrap drum sticks in electrical tape to protect their hands and fingers from blisters.

People commonly use electrical tapes to label and color code items inside the house. It can be used as temporary bandage during emergencies as well.