What Are Some Electrical Safety Tips for DIY Dryer Repair?


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When repairing a dryer, it's important to carefully disconnect its power supply; the plug should be held and pulled out, rather than tugging on the cord connected to it. Before opening the unit, it's also important to learn what capacitors look like.

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Electric dryers draw electricity to produce heat, but they also use electricity to turn the drums and run fans. While wires and other electrical components are insulated to prevent shocks, insulation breaks down over time, and manufacturing defects can lead to problems. Since dryers are largely made of metal, a single errant wire can cause significant harm.

Capacitors store a significant amount of electricity and are connected to motors and other components of a dryer. Capacitors take a significant amount of time to lose their stored energy. Because of this, it's important to know what capacitors look like before delving into the electrical components of a dryer.

Other components of dryers can cause injuries as well. When working with gas dryers, it's important to turn off the gas line. Dryers also have safety switches that prevent components from working unless the dryer door is closed. By locating this switch and ensuring it's not accidentally triggered while performing repairs, users can ensure than mechanical components don't move. Otherwise, the residual energy in capacitors and other components can cause parts to move.

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