What Are the Electrical Requirements for a Lowe's Electric Fireplace?

What Are the Electrical Requirements for a Lowe's Electric Fireplace?

The electrical requirements of Lowe's electric fireplaces are similar to those of other 1,500-watt space heaters. The units require an outlet close enough for connecting without using an extension cord. Owners should avoid powering these units using an already overloaded circuit, due to the power they draw.

Electric fireplaces use resistance heating to warm a room. The operation of the resistance heating coils consumes the greatest amount of electricity in these units. Some have features that allow the visual effect to operate without the heat, allowing their use all year long. Lowe's offers both freestanding and wall-mounted units. Although the fireplaces are portable, most do not have a rating for outdoor use.

Many of Lowe's electric fireplaces offer a thermostat to control the heat levels. The owner turns the unit on or off and raises or lowers the thermostat using a remote control.

Many of these units have exhaust vents at the bottom of the fireplace. Owners should slightly offset these units from the electrical outlet so the heat does not blow directly onto the power cord.

Many of the freestanding fireplaces double as stands for flat-panel televisions. When planning installation of these units, owners should consider the electrical needs of the entertainment system as well.