How Do You Do an Electrical Plug Repair?


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Repair bent prongs on an electric plug by grasping them with pliers and straightening them so they fit into the outlet correctly once again. The prongs are easily bent, and if you make this repair too often, they can break, making a plug replacement necessary.

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Replace a grounded electric plug by using wire cutters to cut the broken one from the end of the cord. Insert the cut end of the cord through the opening of the replacement. Using a utility knife, carefully cut through the outer layer of insulation on the cord to reveal the inner three wires. Use wire strippers to remove approximately 1/2 inch of insulation from each of the wires and connect them to the color-coded screws. Connect the white wire to the silver screw, the black wire to the brass screw and the green wire to the green grounding screw. Pull the excess cord back through the new plug, and tighten the clamp to hold it in place.

For a two-wire plug, pull the duplex cord apart to separate the two wires. Use the strippers to expose the ends, and connect them to the plug screws. If the appliance is polarized, look for a stripe or ribbing on one of the wires, identifying it as the neutral. Connect the marked wire to the wide blade of the replacement plug.

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